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     Some of you may not know about the “Penny Pines” program we participate in. The Penny Pines program was started in 1941 by the San Francisco chapter of the California Garden Clubs, Inc. One of the first things that is usually done after the general society meeting is called to order is we pass the basket asking for donations of your pocket change. Our donations are used in conjunction with Federal funds to replenish trees in all National forests in our state. Your change (and larger donations) are accrued until we have increments of $68.00 dollars. The $68.00 will purchase a ‘plantation’(350ct) of tree saplings which are then planted in burn areas to replace trees that are lost in the wildfire ravaged areas and forests that are damaged due to pests infestations, etc. The 350 saplings are enough to cover almost a 1 acre area in California’s National Forests. We get to choose what National Forest gets our donation. To date we have purchased 3 plantations (1050 saplings). Our first went to the San Bernardino National Forest. The last two went to the San Bernardino National Forest and to the Angeles National Forest. These last two were sent in memory of Captain Tedmund Hall and Firefighter Specialist Arnaldo Quinones, the two firefighters who lost their lives in the Station Fire. This is a wonderful program that does good work. Although its only pocket change, the return on our investment is priceless. Thank you for your contributions.

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